Windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download.Failed Network Error When Downloading! 3 Easy Way To Fix.


Windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download


Aug 17,  · When I tried to connect to my desktop computer from my Windows 7 Laptop, it doesn’t see any other computers on the network but itself. I did check the firewall. I’m using McCafee Internet Security. It came with the laptop. I tried disabling the firewall, and I . Aug 22,  · Since I updated my desktop to Windows 10, I can still see the Windows 7 Laptop on my network, but if I look for my Windows 10 desktop on my Windows 7 Laptop it is not showing up.



Please ensure Windows 10 and Windows 7 machines are in same local network and workgroup, then refer to the following link to setup homegroup again to have a try.

If you just want share a folder, we can simply right-click the folder, then select «share with» to share this folder with everyone. Then we will windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download able to access this folder from other computers. Please remember to mark the replies as an answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.

If qindows have feedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact tnmff microsoft. You don’t «add» xannot homegroup on each machine. You create one homegroup, and join all the machines to this eindows. Adding new homegroups on each machine may not working if they are different homegroup names. Please make sure on the Windows 7 machine, you are joining the homegroup created by the Windows 10 machine.

This is why you will need the password, to join the homegroup. If you don’t like homegroup or can’t make it work, old-style file sharing from way back still works. It works on all my machines from XP to Windows I don’t use a homegroup at all but can share files between all my machines.

I know your post was sometime ago now but I thought I’d post my recent experience with this issue. My attempts to do the same thing also failed miserably and I don’t see why it should be so difficult either.

I’d make sure the files and folders were shared, map network drives to the other PC’s shared resources and bingo! Now, all I keep getting is the «Windows no longer detects a homegroup I made sure all my firewall and AV programs were off, network discovery on and so on but all I got was that blasted error message every time I tried to «join» the Homegroup. I’ve taken an easy way out and installed Stardock’s Multiplicity program which allows the use of a single mouse and keyboard to be shared seamlessly by up to 4 PCs AND allows files and folders of any size to be copied or cut and pasted freely between them.

This was basically all I was trying to do by the traditional networking process. I quite often have a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 desktop connected via ethernet to my windoss, as well as one Windows 10 wi-fi tablet running at the same time.

Now they are all as good as networked. This app is free and works perfectly except it doesn’t allow folder transfers and file size is limited to MB networ some reason. If I ever have the windowws and windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download, I will have another bash at getting the networking to work sometime in the future because I hate to admit defeat but right now it’s not worth the frustration for what I need.

Having the same frustration here. Windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download following the link given by the Microsoft support this is what I’ve found when you select Windows 10 in the dropdown list. Downllad don’t think there’s a workaround with this issue. After you install the update, you won’t be able to share /8483.txt and printers using HomeGroup.

My suggestion is non to use the Home group. Just go through Advanced sharing settings and work from there. Once windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download do this, get to the folder you want to share, right click, sharing, advanced sharing, «everyone» frer give all the permissions.

On Win 10 machine, Start this service, set to Auto Thats it! I just tried L-Vee’s solution. I’ve been trying to make my Win 7 machine see my Win 10 machine to no avail Thank you SO much.

It really IS the basis of the solution. It’s just unbelivable that this service is off by default in Windows 10! The excuse is probably the usual suspect named «security reasons» but it downloas justify for the BIG trouble that so many people are in, trying to interconnect their machines!

I know this is an old topic, but this solution doesn’t work for everything. I was always able windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download connect my Windows 10 laptop from downstairs by mapping a drive or creating shortcuts, I was able to print to my shared printer upstairs until Microsoft upgraded Win 10 to version Network sharing is enabled, I turned off the firewall, I turned off the AV.

I even updated the following services to run automatically on the Windows 10 PC. But I cannot connect to the shared drives or printers when I could before this update. I can use Remote Desktop to and from the Win 7 and Win 10 machines, but I cannot connect to shares using either the host computer name or the IP address.

Has anyone else found another solution? This is not a Fail safe. I hate homegroup and want to share old school. Well Heads up this isn’t the for sure fix. I know this because I can’t do it that way on Windows 10 Home or Pro. Now I was having soooo much trouble that I was about to try installing network cards to both machines and hard wire them. Now I have set up the systems to see each other BUT they would not talk to each other.

I was thinking what I have my pcs open for anyone to mess with wnidows No Login name and password??? Win Start menu – Settings – Accounts Here you should see «Your Info» Administrator, on your right.

It is the Microsoft account login in name. Mine is my gmail email windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download and the password is the password for my gmail account. And all of a sudden win 7 could access my win 10 pc.

Win 7. Here you should see Your name Administrator, on your right. Arrr OK. I then setup a Password for my Administrator account. I then entered My Name and the newly created password And all of a sudden на этой странице 10 could access my win 7 нажмите сюда. I have not tried this yet as I really need to have the two pc’s talking to each other.

I will get another laptop and put on the downloqd version of win 10 on it and try to connect. I have the computers, Windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download 10 and Windows 7, connect by a crossover ethernet cable. I can see both computer in the network using WorkGroup, you can select no password protection. I have been working for hours on permissions of files on the Windows7 computer, and finally have found out how to include «everyone» to have read and write permissions on the C: drive.

Still no luck. What am I missing? Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Windows Client. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick downlad. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums.

Answered by:. Windows 7 cannot see windows 10 on network free download Forums. Windows 10 Networking. Sign in to vote. I have a windows 10 and a windows 7 computer at home.

Networking them together has failed miserably and I can find no help in the help file or on the web. Can someone advise me the simplest way to share a folder between the two computers please? It really should be easy to do.

77, August 29, PM. Best regards Please remember to mark the replies as an answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. Tuesday, August 30, AM. I created a homegroup on the win 10 machine.

I tried also to add a homegroup on the win7 machine, which I did, but they could not see each other. There must be more to it than just adding a home group on each machine. Are they public shares? Malware and firewall, both turned off.

Детальнее на этой странице shares Hi Boristhecat, You don’t «add» a homegroup on each machine.