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Aug 12,  · If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate, you can download and install Microsoft’s free Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC. This runs a copy of XP in a bit virtual machine. Oct 06,  · I have Windows 7 running on my Toshiba laptop. I have 3 programs that do not work with Windows 7 but did work with Vista. All 3 programs are 16 bit dos versions. The compatiblity feature does not seem to recognize the change to previous version of windows. These programs I do not use all the · Try installing them in XP Mode – plenty of links to the.


Oct 12,  · Wan to run a 32 bit Video editing program (Pinnacle Studio 16) under my Win 7 64 bit Operating system Is there a compatibility mode for this as there is for running a Vista or Win XP program under. Jun 02,  · This is standard procedure to allow for backwards compatibility with previous software releases. Obviously, this means that there is full support for 16 bit applications in Windows 7, but of course not ALL bit applications may be .