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Jun 28,  · Startup Sound Changer. Download. Download Freeware ( KB) Windows 7 – English. Startup Sound Changer as the name suggests, will allow you to change the startup sound for Windows 7 operating system, or even disable it according to your convenience. Share. Alternative spelling: StartupSoundChangerzip. Latest update on September 7, /5(20). Jul 06,  · StartUp can improve Windows loading time as it is a small app that loads on start up and loads only the things you want loading. All you need is the commandline for the program you wish to be able /5(15).


However, if your computer occurs errors, then you can enable the program on startup again. Develop and improve products. Pick out the apps you don’t use from the list, and then click on the slider on the right column to switch it off. Ross James. You will now see a list of apps that launch when you log in. Samsung Odyssey Neo G8. It’s possible to turn this function off for individual programs, as well as enable it for other programs. Find Your Lost Product Keys. Some installed programs are set to launch automatically each time you start your Windows computer. Click to tweet.