Windows 10 domain join security questions free download


Windows 10 domain join security questions free download –


To enable On-premise Domain join, switch the device out of S mode and run a Windows edition that includes the Domain join feature (Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Enterprise). For example, if your device was running Windows 10 Home in S mode, you’d need to switch out of S mode and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro to use On-premise Domain join. When setting up new laptops on Windows 10 I am used to fact I have to select that I want a local account not a microsoft account by selecting domain join instead. My issue is in the last couple of weeks I now need to set up 3 security questions for my local account, such as ‘first pet’ etc. My point here is that can I be treated like an Adult. Mar 04,  · the question is, if I did not click on ‘domain join’ why it needed a domain account to finish. I dont normally connect to the internet during the install, thought I would see what it does this time installing. I dont think the link was available to use local account after connecting to the internet, could be wrong. NOt worth checking.



They can be set later if a client wants, and most of the time we just re-image from there or start adding users and delete the dummy account. To join an already configured Windows 10 device · Open Settings, and then select Accounts. · Select Access work or school, and then select Connect. · On the Set up. Your home PC is most likely not joined to a domain. Even if it were, you’d have to be using a local account and most people on Windows 10 are.