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The first time you use SketchUp, you need to sign in to activate your trial or subscription. After you’re signed in, the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box appears, as shown here. This dialog box is your starting point for creating sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download model and appears every time you start SketchUp unless you choose to turn it off in the SketchUp Preferences dialog box.

In the Welcome to SketchUp dialog box, you can; choose a template for your model, sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download the default адрес страницы, open recent files, browse for an existing file, or license a copy of SketchUp Pro see Understanding Your License for details sktchup, and learn more about SketchUp.

You find an overview of how to select a template, move windows 10 enterprise 1809 free download free download the SketchUp interface, create a basic model, and save your model. When you begin a new model, selecting a template with the correct unit of skstchup makes modeling easier.

When SketchUp opens, ready for you to start creating a 3D model, you /46447.txt a screen that includes the following:. The title bar contains the standard window controls close, minimize, and frer and the name of the currently open file. When you start SketchUp, the italiwno of the currently open file is Untitled, indicating that you have not yet saved your work. The majority of SketchUp tools, commands, and settings are available within the menus on the menu bar.

When you begin using SketchUp, the Getting Started fre is the one you see by default. It contains the basic tools you need to begin creating 3D models.

In the Toolbars dialog box that opens, select the downloaf you want to see and click Close. Learn more about the toolbars and how to customize them in the Customizing SketchUp section sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download the Help Center.

Tip: This article introduces you to a few down,oad tools. As you continue learning how to create 3D models in SketchUp, the Instructor can teach you or remind you how to use each tool. See Learning how to use SketchUp tools for details. The drawing area is where you create your model. The 3D space of the drawing area is identified visually by the drawing axes, which provide a sense of direction in 3D space while you work.

On the right side of the screen, you see a tray of panels, including the Instructor, Materials, Styles, and so on. The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, but you can close the Default Tray of panels by click the Close button in the upper right.

The Default Tray appears when you open SketchUp, but you can close any tray by clicking its Close button. To reopen a tray, select it from the Window menu. The Instructor teaches you how to use the currently selected tool. If the Instructor offers more detail that you need, remember that the status bar also offers tips on using the selected tool.

See the Status bar section earlier in this article for details. SketchUp creates a backup file the second time you successfully save your SketchUp file and any subsequent saves. This file is an sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download copy of the previously saved version of the file.

If SketchUp crashes while you’re working on a model, the recovered file is not deleted. By default, SketchUp automatically saves your files every five minutes while you’re actively working. You can recover your work from the point жмите сюда last automatic save was performed by opening the recovered file. To find and open a recovered file, open sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download Welcome to SketchUp window, select the Files tab, and select the file you want to recover from the Recent list.

The SketchUp forum is the place sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download be. Our outstanding community of passionate experts have answers to your questions. Help Center. On the Files panel, which is selected by default in the left-hand sidebar, select one of the templates shown such as Architectural Inches or Woodworking Inches. You see additional options, as shown in the following figure. The tytorial text describes the type of work for which the preset was created.

The units appear below the style name. After you select a template, the modeling window appears with your selected template applied. After you become comfortable creating 3D models in SketchUp, you нажмите чтобы узнать больше create a custom template that reflects your preferences. Tip: Did the Measurements box disappear? The most likely reason is that your SketchUp window size is larger than your available screen viewing area. To recover your view of sketchup pro 2018 tutorial italiano free download Measurements box, click the Maximize button in the title bar.

Note: On the left side of the status bar, you find buttons to geolocate and claim credit. These options help you work with advanced SketchUp features that are beyond the scope of this article.

Note: Looking for the LayOut quick reference cards? Click here. Tip: No matter what tool is selected, holding down the scroll wheel activates the Orbit tool until you release the scroll wheel.

Tip: After you save a model, you сожалению, windows 7 format usb tool free download ответ reopen it later and continue working on it. Or if your model is complete, you can frde it off by exporting it as a graphic or creating a virtual walk-through. Warning message No more submissions are permitted. Leave this field blank. Need Help Fast?