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I am using and trial version of Office on a 64 bit Windows 8 machine but Office is 32 bit and would like to also download a trial version of Visio However, I cannot seem to find the 32 bit version to download.

It’s not Windows that is causing this restriction, it’s the installer itself fisio this. However, if the restriction is by design then it is rather peculiar, almost as if somebody hasn’t quite thought it through properly. The initial installation should start the 60 day trial, uninstalling and installing a different version, different bits or different language version should still be possible within the 60 day period.

As you say, it is a quite legitimate thing to want to do. Paul Herber, Sandrila Ltd. Engineering and software shapes for Visio Sandrila Ltd. I honestly didn’t think it mattered to begin with considering they were separate downloads, but I guess bersion should have clicked when I realized Visio was technically an Office product.

My issue is that they don’t have a legitimate answer for this and just tell me they can’t do anything about it. What am I supposed to do with that? Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Resources for IT Professionals. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Archived Forums. Sign microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download to vote. Can anyone help? Thanks Microdoft. Tuesday, May 14, PM. Wednesday, May 15, AM.

Thanks Max! Wednesday, May 15, PM. That’s all well приведенная ссылка good, but what about if Microsott downloaded the 64 bit before I realized I needed 32 bit. It won’t let me go back and change it, it just keeps bringing me back to download the 64 bit version again. Is there no vesrion to change it without creating a whole new Microsoft account?

Thursday, December 5, PM. This is my problem too. There seems to be no way of going back and downloading the 32 bit microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download. This is ridiculous. Приведенная ссылка, May 29, AM.

I agree. This IS ridiculous. I accidentally downloaded the wrong bit-version for the stupid trial and now Windows 8. It thinks I installed it already, when in fact nothing was able to ever install. If Microsoft is going to allow me to screw up like this, why not just bundle Visio with the Microsoft Office suite?

I’m tired of this issue constantly messing people up and cheating them out microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download a honest to good free version of a product they may never really ever want to purchase or use.

Tuesday, March 3, AM. It verssion Windows. However, like many have been saying, it’s by a restriction of design. They don’t allow multiple trials to be run on one machine, which is fair in my mind, but I never got access to the application.

The first attempt never really dwnload it’s way through and couldn’t install, but it still did something with the registry even though I would’ve never been able to install it as it was the wrong bit-version. In other words, the set-up failed. So, when I actually tried to install the correct bit-version, Windows would not let me and gave me the error So, взято отсюда I didn’t realize that my Visio trial had to be the same bit-version as my currently installed OfficeI lost the chance to gain access to the ffee.

The trial never got installed, so it’s microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download even on my currently installed programs list or anywhere that I can think of. I notice that there are two ‘Office 15’ files located in my Hard Drive, but I really don’t know what to do with that. I’m honestly considering just factory resetting my my entire laptop so that I can get the trial to work. I need this trial to work so that I can 0xc00007b windows 7 free on school.

I don’t have any other option at this point besides commuting to my college, but that’s a min drive that I don’t want to have to resort to every time I need to work on Visio. I just wish there was an easy answer for me so that I can get this thing to work.

I’m looking everywhere on the net to see if anyone has any solution to this Tuesday, March 3, PM. This 32 or bit issue, most users don’t know or care which version they have. I’ve just had a look at microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download About screen of my Visio, microsoft visio 2013 trial version free download says nothing about 32 or bit. I do happen to know which version it is, but that’s not the point.

I can agree with that.



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