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Free Web Site Templates. Looking for free web site templates for FrontPage, Expression and Dreamweaver?First, let us remind you that in this world you get what you pay for! However, we also know that before shelling our your money for a template, be it one of ours for as little as $ or some others for a LOT more, you want to see what you are getting. Oct 02,  · Download FrontPage Web Template- Real Estate for Windows to modify your FrontPage-based Web site. X. By Microsoft Free. Download Now. Microsoft Visual C++ SP1 Redistributable Package Operating System: Windows. Jan 07,  · Microsoft® FrontPage® HTML Tools allow you to quickly access and modify Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags directly while you’re editing a page in WYSIWYG view (the Normal tab in Page view). Using HTML Tools is like having X-ray vision for your Web pages.