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Snipping tool for Windows 10 free also has a preset shapes to give a visual of what the screenshot will look like before it is taken. Features of Snipping Tool app include: The ability to capture any size screen region. The ability to delay capturing by 3 seconds. The ability to capture or copy the image as a file. Get Free Snipping Tool alternative downloads. Install Free Snipping Tool Windows 7 Snipping Tool is an easy to use graphic capture application that can help users to very quickly manage image capture of their Windows OS desktop area, with dedicated tools for not only intuitive and detailed area capture but also extensive options for file preparation and exporting.

In addition to the local image saving, the app also has built-in support for several major cloud storage locations including Dropbox , Google Drive , and WebRequest , an automatically generated shareable link, and even advanced support for the automatic sending of captured desktop area images to FTP server of your choice. While Windows 7 OS and all newer versions has a built-in tool for full desktop and area snipping tool for quick capture of screenshots, many users have expressed a need for a bit more comprehensive toolset for managing more advanced types of capture and additional options for screenshot sharing.

Loyal Windows users may be familiar with the old way of capturing screenshots on their desktop. It goes as follows:.

It is a tedious 8-move process to get 1 shot. Simple, reliable, and incredibly fast, right? Well, it could take some getting use to as the program is only available in German. The first is the free-form snip. Draw a free-form shape around an object on the screen.

Be careful though! The software will not clean up the edges. What you draw is what you get with this snip. Second is the Rectangular Snip.

If you want to take a snip of a menu, you’ll have to follow a few extra steps:. Quite simple, really. Just select the window or dialog box to capture. The final tool in the lot: full-screen snip. A suitable name for the tool that captures the entire screen in an instant. You can also add text and filters —a practical feature for those who want to add context, or make their snips clearer. With the Snipping Tool, you can send snips within the software itself.

Pass snips across different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, Viber, etc. Avoid the hassle of the copy-paste and edit screencaps on Paint, and switch to the tool. It’s only shortfall is the lack of language options, but more than makes up for it with easy-to-understand icons, host of editing features and sharing options. Take a step in the right direction by using this tool and leaving behind the former years of the dreadful process set by MS Paint.