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Media Feature Pack for Windows N and Windows KN Editions: April .Media Feature Pack for Windows 8.1 N and Windows 8.1 KN Editions: April 2014

In my experience, the update can take as little as 30 minutes and as much as two hours. More questions? Didn’t match my screen. Over the years, Microsoft and many similar technology companies, haven’t always been consistent with their naming and labelling systems for product lines. Easy to follow. If you are somehow still stuck on Windows 8. As an alternative, you can click in the search box and type settings:about. Your existing data files and all current Windows system files will be moved to the Windows old folder.


Jun 27,  · The main difference between and Pro is that Windows Pro contains more features as compare to Windows Pro. It is inclusion of Windows Media Center in Windows Pro that is an extra-cost add-on. Sep 28,  · Windows Codenamed Blue, it is an upgrade for Windows 8 and also a version of the Windows NT family. It was released in June and is free for retail copies of Windows 8 and Windows RT users. Windows mainly focuses on addressing complaints from Windows 8 ted Reading Time: 3 mins.