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Nov 12,  · Step 1. Scan the RAID drive. Choose the RAID drive from which you wish to recover data, and then click «Scan». Wait for the scanning process to finish, the deleted files will show up one by one. Step 2. Find and preview lost RAID files. You can use «Filter» as quick navigation to find lost ted Reading Time: 7 mins. Apr 25,  · First I had Windows 7 ultimate installed on Disk1 and then from Disk management converted both hard drives to Dynamic disks and then created the RAID 1 (Add Mirror). I have two partitions, C and D which C holding Windows and D stores my data. Everything goes fine and RAID 1 is established with no issues. I can start the windows from both of them. May 07,  · The original post / question was if Windows 7 allows RAID 1 for non boot drives. In other words, does Windows 7 allow SOFTWARE RAID 1 (Mirroring). The answer is: Yes, Windows 7 Pro and up allows for software RAID 1. Windows 7 Home Premium does not support drive mirroring.

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Dec 02,  · This RAID or mirror configuration is done through software provided for free by Microsoft in Windows This is not the most safe or fastest solution for hard drive redundancy BUT it is free. Partition management software programs let you create, delete, shrink, expand, split, or merge partitions on your hard drives or other storage devices. Dec 03,  · Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool is an easy-to-use application that allows you to create a bootable USB drive or disc for installing the Windows 7/8/10 operating system. The program can also help. Usb bootable software, free download for all windows – A Bootable USB is a utility that allows you to create a bootable USB stick from which you can. Aug 01,  · Can I boot from a software RAID 1 (mirroring) drive in windows 7? Windows 7 would not let me install to a software RAID volume so I installed to the first disk and then added the second disk afterwards. They are now in synch and I can open the volume as a normal disk if I just boot from my old system. However I can’t boot from the mirrored volume.

Let’s first I explain that I know hardware RAID is much better , I use it on my servers but company is not willing to accept this cost on the desktops. In this scenario I have a Lenovo desktop. Everything goes fine and RAID 1 is established with no issues.

I can start the windows from both of them. When I unplug disk 2 , it works fine. The issue comes in when I have the primary hard drive unplugged. It can’t boot anywhere. I tried to use tools like Gparted live to boot and then change the boot. Unfortunately from windows 7 there is no boot. I tried to use the BCD tool inside Windows recovery disk.

So my question is that how would you deal with this issue in this scenario? I also ran the windows 7 disk and did a repair, it didn’t help either.

In a summary if I have the main hard drive unplugged , can’t boot to windows any longer. My understanding was that I should deal with two different things:. The boot sequence from BIOS. I changed it to second hard drive and it didn’t work.

Technically BIOS tries to boot from second hard drive but simply it can’t find the boot loader. The boot loader in the second hard drive. I beleive there should be a way for doing that. I had the first hard drive plugged off , then tried to boot to the windows. I found another «Secondary plex» has been added. So I had 1.

Windows 7 2. Secondary plex 3. Secondary Plex. When I booted to 3 everything worked fine. When I attached the 1st hard drive again, the 3 disappeared and I had two options: 1. Windows 7 worked , but Secondary plex didn’t work.

I couldn’t understand why, i wish I could. When I booted to the windows another weird thing happened. Windows detected the second hard drive Which was all the time at its place as a foreign disk, so I had to delete partitions and add mirror again. After Mirror is completed , again both 1 : Windows7 and 2 Secondary Plex boots to the windows without any issues.

Technically I think my first question will answer the second one. I just need to figure out why after plugging back the first hard drive , the windows couldn’t boot from Secondary Plex.

Please share with me your idea. I’ve dealt with a similar problem before. I remember that one hard drive had the boot loader, and it was on a very small partition. The second drive had no such partition, so fixing the boot loader was not an easy task. Basically looked something like this:.

Thanks for reply. Mine doesn’t have a separate partition for boot , but it has a small partition named «System Reserved». In my experience to get it worked , that small partition should be mirrored as well. I can easily create the mirror and boot from both hard drive. The only issue I’m facing is when the primary hard drive fails. I know installing a new Windows is the last solution which works all the time. I think if we want to think of the RAID like that I mean to have only the data backup and installing a new windows in case of recovery , we’d better to use a free software like Cobian and just backup the whole drive on external storage , or probably these days most of the companies have NAS,SAN.

In my scenario I like to have a simple RAID 1 solution which works like physical RAID, means even one of the drive fails , even it is the primary I can keep it working and the only thing I have to do will be to change the bad hard drive with a good one. I entirely agree with you that software RAID sucks. In my case I had to do that as I didn’t have any other option. Anyways, the last attempt was successful, I was able to boot off the second hard drive when had the first one plugged off.

It worked. When I plugged on the the first hard drive back again , it booted again , but the Windows was not smart enough to understand it is the old hard drive and start syncing RAID again. It was detected as a foreign hard drive. I had to import it, delete its partition and do the mirroring again. Probably much less than what it cost you in time to go through what you just dealt with. Not as nice as mirroring, but again, with what you went through, it may be better than software RAID.

Thanks for your info. I started buying this for our desktop computers. I’m in the process of getting this approved. I just read the review of that card , and it didn’t seem to be a good one. Lots of customers complaining about that card. Do you have any suggestion? If it was you, what RAID controller you would get?

Most of the desktops are running Windows 7 64bits. I haven’t put a RAID card in a desktop machine in a long time. Everything I could have recommended is long gone. Rosewill stuff is generally pretty cheap. A bunch of those bad reviews look like people just didn’t know what they were doing though so you need to take some of that with a grain of salt.

The vast majority are 4 and 5 star and seem to like the card. Seems like the biggest problem was drivers. Considering how cheap it is it might make sense to grab one, grab the latest drivers, install it and test it for a week or two and see what you think. If it truly does suck you won’t be out much. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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My understanding was that I should deal with two different things: 1. Any help would highly appreciated as I’m really frustrated with this. Best Daniel. Best Answer. Pure Capsaicin. DragonsRule This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.

Dan wrote: 2. Yes, this is the issue. You need to fix the BCD boot. View this «Best Answer» in the replies below ». Dan Apr 22, at UTC. Hi Larry Thanks so much for your reply. I’m giving it a try and will post the result. Dan Apr 23, at UTC. I tested and came into some weird result. I could not understand the parts: 1 after plugged in back the first hard drive, PC could be booted using only 1 which refers to the newly again attached hard drive and 2 Secondary plex which was stayed at its own place without any change , couldn’t boot.

And also 2 why after booting to the windows the second hard drive which was all the time at its own placed , was detecting as a foreign hard disk?! Thai Pepper.